With the advent of the ‘information super highway’, branding and aesthetics of your website are paramount to your success in the market place. There are no compromises on your identity and you need creative, experienced professionals to help you for all your graphic design needs.

At MIL we offer a plethora of graphic design services ranging from corporate logo design to personalized brochure design; employing state of the art technology and the crème de la crème of talent.

Logo and Artwork Design Services:

Corporate branding is no longer a buzz word nor is aesthetics of your brand logo superficial, they have a direct impact on company perception and hence brand equity & bottom lines. Help us help you by providing a world class design service which is neither cost prohibitive nor time consuming. Our design suite for branding will help you fulfill your branding needs the way you want it and it does not cost the world.

Brochure Design Services:

MIL is your ‘one stop shop’ for all your brochure design and content requirements. A brochure is another critical marketing tool which can often be the make or break factor for attracting prospective clients. We undertake the whole work flow of brochure design.

Post gathering your requirements we commit to ideation and decide on the outlay and design. Our proficiency in market research helps us create well targeted content for greater efficiency. We offer superior services and you gain the benefit of the lower costs to the marketing campaign while never having to compromise on quality.

Corporate design services and branding suite:

Visiting cards, invitation cards, corporate news letters, and annual reports we do it all. Office durables like visiting cards are often the first impression that prospective clients are going to have and there can be no compromise on the design of such business articles. MIL delivers quality while creating value with its cost effective solutions.